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Thriving as an Introverted Skeptic in a Shortcut World

See the replay of the March 2021 session with Beki Fraser from Focus For Growth. Beki is a coach who specializes in helping introverted skeptics fulfill their potential as leaders.

Introverted skeptics are among the most misunderstood, and valuable, members of a high performing team. This discussion gives you tactics to create impact in a world not optimized for you. Understand the tempting illusions holding you back from possibilities and maximize your impact without minimizing yourself.

If you are pressed for time, here is the <6 Minute greatest hits...including the #1 tip for Introverted Skeptics to fend off the assault of shortcuts.

If you have more time, watch the whole video here:

Here is the great quote Beki gave during the session. This one has already made it onto my list of favorites.

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