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The Difference between DOING Design Thinking and BEING a Design thinker

Think you've heard it all about the Design Thinking craze? Think again.

When we teach Creative Problem Solving, we include lessons from Design Thinking--it is a powerful methodology for solving human-centered problems. But, unless you change your mindset, DT is not going to solve your problems.

Karen Hold (Design Strategist at Experience Labs, Director of Design for DC, and visiting lecturer at the Darden School of Business) joined us for a Monday Morning #HumanIntelligence to talk about her passion for Design Thinking, her upcoming book, and the idea of holding on to DT as your secret sauce.

Here's the full episode:

Special Bonus Feature

After the timer, Karen kept dishing out the knowledge. This was too good to keep to ourselves.

Changing mindset and keeping humans at the center of the problem solving is what #HumanIntelligence is all about.

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