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Being the Golden Middle

We were thrilled to have Jordyn Fetter join us for a Monday Morning #HI episode. Jordyn works in Air Force innovation efforts as a part of AFWERX. She finds herself as the voice in the middle between people who need innovation and people who are tasked with creating innovation.

Her sensible, objective approach wins her both friends and enemies.

What I wanted to learn was how we can take what she has experienced to help the rest of us find the middle path between innovation in everything and the status quo.

Here is the Graphic Recording of the episode:

Here is some great insight that Jordyn dropped on us after the timer ran out:

If you have a full 30 minutes, here is the full episode:

How can your team find this balance? Let us help you help them. Send me a chat today.

Disclaimer: Jordyn's opinions are hers alone and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of Defense, the United States Air Force, or AFWERX. We still think she is awesome, though!

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