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We teach creativity & critical thinking to tech teams, so they can collaborate with the rest of us to solve real problems.

Your team is brilliant at what they do, but many tech teams find it hard to think outside their hard-earned high-tech skills.

With our customized #HumanIntelligence curriculum, we help teams develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills to connect with customers and other experts.


We use games and exercises to allow your team to discover lessons of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and strategy before we teach them.  Games create a low-risk way to try new approaches to tricky problems.  The creative confidence and trust you build carry over to the real-life problems you are facing.

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Our Workshops


Try it All!

A sample flight of our most popular offerings. This 1/2 day workshop inspires curiosity while strengthening trusting teams. Includes individual and group exercises to improve critical thinking skills, collaboration, and creativity. A great way to jumpstart thinking and new ideas.


Are we solving the right problem?

Our cognitive biases steer us towards easy, but wrong solutions.  This workshop helps you take control of lazy brains to sift truth from chaff.  How do you avoid the framing bias and planning fallacy? This one is a must for teams wrestling with complex problems.

Webinar-based training available

Whether a remote team or quarantined, let us bring your team together to generate new solutions.

Does it work?


Create innovative outcomes

Leadership based on compliance and order does not generate the creativity required to spawn innovation.  Yet, left alone, many teams become comfortable in the status quo.  This leader-focused workshop gives practical tips to balance empowerment with just getting things done.


Here is the good stuff!

Creative skills enable you to generate new solutions for your toughest problems.  Not just for art or design, creative thinking unlocks value for customers and improves workflow.  This workshop focuses on teaching you how to think creatively and builds creative confidence.


Collaboration starts with trust

None of today's tough problems can be solved by a single person.  This lesson-packed course teaches problem solvers to build swift trust in temporary teams.  Psychological safety can't exist without trust.  With trust, teams take risks to generate new, creative solutions


Create your best fit

Do you have a strategy, or do you use a strategy? The difference is the same as having a map and using it to find your way.  This game-based exercise enables leaders and teams to take off the blinders, set high goals, and design a prioritized roadmap to success.  (6 hour only)




#HumanIntelligence workshops create the environment allowing you and your team to experience the lessons before we "teach" them.  This experienced-based and game-based method outperformed lecture-based training in experimental research.  Academic studies on nurses and military officers have demonstrated the effectiveness of this type of training.  We have seen this training work for individuals, teams, start-ups, and non-profits.

01222020_#HumanIntelligence Workshop_WM_

It was amazing how after playing the game my thoughts were racing with different strategies to turn around a failing program I inherited. The day after playing the game, I called my team and said "We need to a brand new Strategy." In three short days we developed a new road map for the program. I created 2-man teams concentrating on their strengths.  Most importantly, I was very transparent with them in order to gain their trust.

Air Force Acquistions Officer


Workshop Pricing

Pricing includes up to 15 participants.  To ensure the most hands-on experience, workshops are limited to 30 participants.  All workshops are customized for your audience and include a 30-minute call with the instructor to understand the outcomes you want to achieve.

We aim to exceed your expectations, but if you don't feel your team received the full value of the experience, you get to set your own price.

Don't have 15 people on your team yet? Let's talk!


1/2 Day (3 hours)

Perfect for team-building and jumpstarting a stalled or new project.


1 Day (6 hours)

Ideal for an off-site or lead-in to a strategic planning session.  Designed to focus thinking on a specific challenge, teams leave with actionable steps to achieve success.


Additional Day

We offer an additional day of training to expand the lessons to other teams in your organization or focus deeply on a particularly tough problem.


3-hour Webinar Training

Remote teams and quarantined teams can still build human skills at a distance with our expert instructors.

Price List


Teachers, Doers, and Thinkers

The #HumanIntelligence Instructor team comes from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  These differences make us better.  What we have in common is a passion for disrupting the status quo--not for the sake of disruption but because we can do things better.

We combine our experiences from the military, business, entrepreneurship, volunteering, and life with the latest academic and business research to create impactful workshops delivered with empathy.



Lead Instructor

A fighter pilot, a diplomat, a writer, and a part-time farmer, Dan has broad interests and a tenacious work ethic.  He has the unique ability to turn complicated science into practical lessons.

Why do you believe in #HumanIntelligence?

"It pains me to see hard-working, smart people manipulated.  For me, that manipulation sometimes comes from inside my own brain.  In the military, I saw people lose and take lives due to sloppy thinking.  In my consulting work, I see companies working hard but not making progress.  If I can teach you to think better, your potential is unbound.  #HumanIntelligence cuts off the anchors holding you and your team back."

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Rebekah is an Intrapreneur who brings an agile work ethic and mindset into every collaboration. With a degree in Psychology, concentrating in Human Factors and Applied Cognition, her natural passion for social science is bolstered by education. When she isn’t helping startups and government contractors connect their capabilities to opportunities, she spends her time volunteering with the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum and the Northern Virginia chapter of AFCEA working with small business outreach. She owes her drive to being a mom, understanding the true meaning of work life balance and paving the way to success for future generations. 

Why do you believe in #HumanIntelligence?

"I'm always trying to learn from others and understand how and why they think the way they do. I’m a natural social scientist. I question everything and try to understand why we operate the way we do. My brain is always thinking about how we can optimize what we do. I thrive in an environment that encourages me to think outside of our current problems, and I love helping others do the same."

Micah Gardner small.jpeg


Micah is a multi-faceted, complex and inherently creative being, driven by her personal mission to help people see and achieve their own greatness and potential. In her daily life she wears the hat of wife, mommy of two very active pre-teens, gym enthusiast, chef, and small business owner. In addition, she remains connected to her corporate roots by serving as a consultant, committed to supporting the growth and authenticity of human development and intelligence throughout organizations.


Micah served as a US Air Force officer before focusing her career on Organization Change Management and Leadership Development. She has undergraduate degrees in both Business and Communications, and a Master’s in Psychology - a trifecta that has served her well as a consultant and advisor for nearly 18 years. She has assisted clients at all levels of organizational structures in to implement new software systems and processes increasing business effectiveness and efficiency. Micah has also supported clients through team building and organization strategy making. She practices excellence, generosity, humility and passion in all that she does.

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Jason Keller is a veteran of the Kentucky National Guard with deployments to South America and Africa in the Global War on Terror. During this time he worked with a range of foreign militaries, the US State Department, and other federal agencies on missions related to counter terrorism, foreign internal defense, and civil affairs. Jason also has had a diverse volunteer and federal government career. With the Department of Homeland Security and nonprofits he has managed disaster response operations from West Virginia to East Asia--including leading a team that completed the cleanup following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill one-month ahead of schedule.

Jason has a passion for the people and history of Appalachia where he was raised and recently relocated.  He is committed to using creativity and collaboration to improve the lives of his neighbors living in the region.



Bryan is a practitioner focused on applied innovation and new futures for emerging economies. He is the founder of Skylance, a strategy group that helps high growth start-ups and organizations become pioneers in their industry. 

Why do you believe in #HumanIntelligence?
"I see the new 2020s as a place of exciting change and technological advancement, but this requires organizations to level up their skill set. I believe there’s a pioneer in all of us ready to be unlocked and great things happen when they can blend their creativity together. History is made by unlikely groups with a shared mission and an ability to work together during times of peace and conflict. I believe it all begins with human intelligence.”

Special Advisors

Rothstein Small.png

Maj Gen Michael Rothstein (Retired)

Senior Leadership Advisor

Mike is an experienced leader at multiple levels ranging from small teams to large organizations of over 6,000 people and budget authorities of over $760 million. He creates a culture of trust and accountability to build high-performing, cross-functional teams to accomplish actionable results.

Isha Small.png

Dr. Isha Metzger

Senior Science Advisor

Dr. Isha Metzger is a first generation American from Atlanta, Georgia by way of Sierra Leone, West Africa. She graduated from Georgia State in 2008 with a BA in Psychology. Subsequently, she attained her MA (2012) and PhD (2015) from the University of South Carolina in Clinical-Community Psychology. Her internship and postdoctoral training occurred at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Metzger also held a visiting Postdoctoral Fellowship at Yale University in the Department of Public Health where she is currently Visiting Faculty. In her primary role, Dr. Metzger is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Georgia.

Throughout her career, Dr. Metzger has set to reduce mental health disparities among African American youth through clinical practice and research focused on increasing engagement and enhancing mental health treatment outcomes among underserved African American youth and families. In addition to teaching and supervising graduate and undergraduate students at UGA, Dr. Metzger also serves as a Consultant, Trainer, and Program Evaluator focusing on cultural sensitivity for community practitioners and organizations nationwide.

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What do you see here?

If you said "a hashtag," you're wrong.

There isn't a hashtag.  There are just little red shapes.  Your brain reaches the conclusion that you are supposed to be seeing a hashtag.  

Our logo is a representation of our work.  We teach you to look at problems differently.  To not allow our brains to be lazy.  To look for facts in a world of misinformation, and then imagine how we might rearrange those pieces to make something better.

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